Miles Pomper

Senior Research Associate, Center for Nonproliferation Studies


A Roadmap to Minimize and Eliminate Highly Enriched Uranium

This paper lays out a roadmap with five pathways to ending civilian HEU use and to beginning the necessary research and development to minimize and ultimately eliminate HEU for naval use, with specific recommendations that countries can undertake prior to the 2016 Nuclear Security Summit.

Ending HEU Use in Medical Isotope Production

A new paper develops a market-based roadmap for Russia to transition from HEU to LEU in the production of Molybdenum-99, ahead of the 2014 Nuclear Security Summit.

Delaying Decisions: NATO's Deterrence and Defense Posture Review

At the May 2012 NATO summit, the alliance will release the results of a Defense and Deterrence Posture Review. The review is expected to yield little progress; critical decisions on NATO’s deterrence and defense posture are expected to be delayed. This brief examines options for the future deployment of U.S. nuclear weapons in Europe as well as other measures that policymakers are likely to consider to provide deterrence, reassurance, and burden-sharing in the alliance in the years ahead.

Nuclear Security, Post-Fukushima: Expectations for the Seoul Summit

This CNS issue brief examines challenges the 2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit faces, in a post-Fukushima world, attempting to integrate nuclear safety issues into the summit agenda without watering down nuclear security objectives. It suggests several areas of complementarity where overlapping progress can be made that enhances rather than detracts from nuclear security efforts.

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