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International Partnership for Nuclear Disarmament Verification

A public-private partnership to build global capacity and increase understanding of future monitoring and verification challenges.
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International Council for the Life Sciences

NTI has supported the International Council on the Life Sciences, a global, membership-based non-profit organization working to enhance biological security around the world and reduce biological weapons proliferation risks.

Mekong Basin Disease Surveillance Network

The Mekong Basin Disease Surveillance Network strengthens national and sub-regional capabilities in infectious disease surveillance and outbreak response in Cambodia, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Laos.

NTI-WHO Global Emergency Outbreak Response Fund

NTI helped the World Health Organization establish and build a fund to allow teams of epidemiologists to deploy immediately to investigate and respond to disease outbreaks around the globe.
Bio Suit Under Hood

Tuberculosis Threat in North Korea

To address the surging number of tuberculosis cases in North Korea, the Stanford University-led Bay Area TB Consortium worked with NTI and other groups to establish a local lab capable of detecting drug-resistant strains of tuberculosis.