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Past NTI Projects

NTI works with a range of partners on projects designed to reduce the global threats from nuclear, biological and chemical weapons.

  • Connecting Organizations for Regional Disease Surveillance

    A non-governmental initiative to facilitate global cooperation and capacity among public health experts and communities, to enhance health security

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  • Euro-Atlantic Security Initiative (EASI)

    The Euro-Atlantic Security Initiative (EASI) is a high-level international commission whose unique goal is to lay the intellectual foundation for an inclusive Euro-Atlantic security system for the twenty-first century.

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  • An anthology of quotes from the "Quote of Day" feature in Global Security Newswire.

    Global Security Newswire

    A daily news service produced independently by the National Journal Group, GSN offered a comprehensive snapshot of the day’s news on nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons, as well as on terrorism and missile issues.

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  • International Council for the Life Sciences

    NTI has supported the International Council on the Life Sciences, a global, membership-based non-profit organization working to enhance biological security around the world and reduce biological weapons proliferation risks.

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  • Last Best Chance

    Last Best Chance is a gripping docudrama starring actor and former senator Fred Thompson about the threats posed by loosely secured nuclear weapons and materials around the world. NTI produced the program, which aired on HBO, as part of its public education mission.

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  • Mekong Basin Disease Surveillance Network

    The Mekong Basin Disease Surveillance Network strengthens national and sub-regional capabilities in infectious disease surveillance and outbreak response in Cambodia, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Laos.

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  • New Opportunities for Russia's Closed Cities

    NTI supported model projects in Russia’s closed nuclear cities to help prevent the spread of nuclear knowledge by creating non-defense-related jobs for those with knowledge of sophisticated weapons design and materials handling practices.

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  • NTI-WHO Global Emergency Outbreak Response Fund

    NTI helped the World Health Organization establish and build a fund to allow teams of epidemiologists to deploy immediately to investigate and respond to disease outbreaks around the globe.

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  • Nuclear Smuggling: A US-Russia Exercise

    An NTI-sponsored table-top exercise convened former US and Russian government officials to respond to a fictional nuclear smuggling event involving the seizure of a significant quantity of weapons-usable nuclear material.

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  • Project Vinca

    Project Vinca, a collaborative effort between governments, NTI, and the private sector, successfully removed 100 pounds of vulnerable highly enriched uranium from a poorly secured research reactor outside of Belgrade.

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