Abkhazia: HEU Stolen from SPhTI Allegedly Found in Abkhazia


According to Georgia's "Club of Experts," the HEU claimed to have been stolen from the Sukhumi Physical-Technical University sometime from 1992-1997, was found in a basement of an abandoned house in Abkhazia. An unnamed "trusted" source in Abkhazia claimed that the material was inside a container called a "pig" and provided the "Club of Experts" with a picture of that "pig." According to the source, the container was seized by security services and then "disappeared without a trace".

Note: The container, which appears on the picture published in the article by the "Club of Experts," is a BGI-type source holder designed to house Cs-137 radioactive sources for industrial use.

Abstract Number: 20101002
Headline: Abkhazia: HEU Stolen from SPhTI Allegedly Found in Abkhazia
Date: 2010
Bibliography: "Russia is turning Abkhazia into burial place of radioactive waste," Club of Experts, 13 January 2010, http://eng.expertclub.ge
Material: HEU

April 24, 2012

This article is part of a collection examining reported incidents of nuclear or radioactive materials trafficking in or originating from the Newly Independent States.