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This material is produced independently for NTI by the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies at the Monterey Institute of International Studies and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of and has not been independently verified by NTI or its directors, officers, employees, or agents.


This article is part of a collection examining civilian HEU reduction and elimination efforts. It links to a dynamic map showing estimated global holdings of civil HEU.

the Nuclear Threat

Reducing the risk of nuclear use by terrorists and nation-states requires a broad set of complementary strategies targeted at reducing state reliance on nuclear weapons, stemming the demand for nuclear weapons and denying organizations or states access to the essential nuclear materials, technologies and know-how.

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  • Russia, U.S. Discuss Atomic Protection Initiatives

    June 27, 2012

    Russia and the United States on Tuesday indicated they would continue to take steps to guard against the illicit acquisition of atomic substances, the Associated Press reported.

  • Canadian Imports of Russian HEU Criticized

    March 21, 2012

    A 2010 agreement between a Canadian medical isotope production company to purchase highly enriched uranium from Russia has drawn criticism from nonproliferation analysts who argue it runs contrary to Ottawa's publicized nuclear security promises, the Globe and Mail reported on Wednesday.