Radioactive Cylinder Found in Quarry in Tomsk Region, Russia


A cylindrical object bearing a radiation warning symbol was found in a quarry in the Kargasokskiy district of the Russian Tomsk region. While an unspecified level of radiation was detected at the surface of the object, at one meter distance, its level did not exceed the norm. The report does not specify whether any radioactive material was found inside the cylinder.

Abstract Number: 20110340
Headline: Radioactive Cylinder Found in Quarry in Tomsk Region, Russia
Date: August 2011
Bibliography: "В Каргасокском районе обнаружен радиоактивный предмет [Radioactive object found in Kargasoksk district]," GTRK Tomsk, 10 August 2011, via
Material: Unknown

April 25, 2012

This article is part of a collection examining reported incidents of nuclear or radioactive materials trafficking in or originating from the Newly Independent States.

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