Radiography Equipment with Ir-192 Missing in Abu Dhabi


On 25 October 2011, a piece of industrial radiography equipment with Ir-192 was discovered missing in Abu Dhabi. The activity level of the Ir-192 source has not been reported. Authorities warned metal scrap dealers and the general public of the potential hazards posed by the material if stripped of its shielding.

Abstract Number: 20110320
Headline: Radiography Equipment with Ir-192 Missing in Abu Dhabi
Date: 25 October 2011
Bibliography: "Radioactive equipment lost in Abu Dhabi, says regulator," Arabian, 28 October 2011,
Material: Ir-192

April 25, 2012

This article is part of a collection examining reported incidents of nuclear or radioactive materials trafficking in or originating from the Newly Independent States.

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