Sushchestvuet li krasnaya rtut'


One kilogram of 'red mercury' reportedly was confiscated from a hiding place in an automobile with Estonian plates on its way from Ukraine to Belarus. This is the first time Ukrainian border guards have confiscated such materials, according to the press service for the Ukrainian State Committee for the Defense of Ukrainian State Borders. The guards also confiscated approximately 14 kg of palladium and gallium and 1 kg of arsenic. [See also 'Border Guards Seize 'Red Mercury' on Belarusian Border,' Unian, 21 August 1995.]

Abstract Number:  19951700
Headline:  Sushchestvuet li krasnaya rtut'
Date:  26 August 1995
Bibliography:  Komsomolskaya Pravda, p. 1
Author:  Viktor Sokirko
Material:  'red mercury'

August 26, 1995

This article is part of a collection examining reported incidents of nuclear or radioactive materials trafficking in or originating from the Newly Independent States.

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