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Tbilisi Police Seize Cesium, Strontium, Mustard Gas


Georgian police discovered containers holding the radioactive isotopes cesium-137 and strontium-90, as well as canisters of the chemical warfare agent mustard gas, in the trunk of a car on 31 May 2003 in Georgia's capital, Tbilisi.  Police arrested two suspects, who claim that they found the containers at an abandoned construction site in Tbilisi.  Police suspect that the materials may have been headed to Turkey, and say that they could have been used to construct a radioactive dispersal device, also known as a "dirty bomb."  There was no report of the level of radioactivity of the materials seized.  Three containers in total were seized, two of which contained cesium and strontium, although the reports also did not include information about the quantity of cesium and strontium involved.[1]

Abstract Number:  20030390
Headline:  Radioaktivnyy gruz prednaznachalsya dlya izgotovleniya gryaznoy bomby? [Was Radioactive Material to be Used to Build a Dirty Bomb?]
Date:  17 June 2003
Bibliography:  RTR-Vesti.ru
Material: radioactive isotopes

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