Ukraine: Radiation Detected at Waste Incineration Facility


On 5 December 2010, radiation was detected on a truck carrying household waste at the Energia waste incineration facility in Kiev, Ukraine. Experts were summoned to determine the source of radiation. This is the fourth detection of radiation at the facility. A year before, a vial containing radioactive material was found [1]. According to one source, the waste had been collected at the Kiev oncology hospital and may have contained iodine (possibly disused I-125 or I-131 medical sources) [2].

Abstract Number: 20100230
Headline: Ukraine: Radiation Detected at Waste Incineration Facility
Date: 5 December 2010
[1] "Киевлянам угроза радиоактивный загрязнение [The threat of radioactive contamination for the people of Kiev]," Zavtra, 8 December 2010, via
[2] Aleksey Rosevetskiy, "Врачи выбросили в мусорный контейнеры радиоактивный йод [Doctors threw away radioactive iodine in the trash]," Segodnya, 8 December 2010, via
Material: Unidentified radioactive material

April 23, 2012

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