New Report from the LALN: Terror Unleashed

The potential impact is difficult to digest: tens of thousands of people dead and injured, 30 million more people thrust into extreme poverty, a years-long decline in international trade and global GDP growth, social fragmentation, panic and chaos, increased unilateralism in the use of military power, restrictions on personal freedoms – and much more.

These are the likely consequences of a detonation by terrorists of a “small and primitive” nuclear bomb with a yield of about one-fifteenth of what exploded over Hiroshima, according to a new report by the Latin American and Caribbean Leadership Network (LALN), one of several regional leadership networks supported by NTI.

In Terror Unleashed: An Assessment of Global and National Impacts of a Nuclear Terrorist Attack, the LALN calls on global leaders and governments – whether they have nuclear weapons or not – to “implement policies aimed at prevention, preparedness and response to a nuclear attack.”

In the foreword to the report, LALN’s Irma Argüello writes that the detonation of a terrorist bomb “would undoubtedly draw a line in the history of humankind” and lead to significant changes in the way governments and individuals function and relate to one another.

“Such global disruption would affect not only the balance of global and regional power, and the levels of confidence between the states, but also the legal framework that regulates international relations,” she writes.

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January 5, 2017
Mimi Hall
Mimi Hall

Senior Director for Content

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