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Read speeches by NTI board members, officers and staff.

  • Combating WMD and Forging International Cooperation: Defining the Way Ahead

    May 4, 2004 | Charles B. Curtis

    In a speech given at the National Defense University, NTI President Charles Curtis discusses ways to build a global coalition to prevent the spread of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons and materials.

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  • Black Dawn: A WMD Terrorism Exercise

    May 4, 2004 | Sam Nunn

    At a news conference in Brussels, NTI Co-Chairman Sam Nunn discusses the importance of preventing a catastrophic nuclear attack.

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  • Closing The Gap: A Model for NGO Action on Threat Reduction

    March 5, 2004 | Laura Holgate

    In a speech given in London, NTI's Vice President Laura Holgate discusses the role that NGOs play in the effort to reduce global threats from catastrophic terrorism.

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  • Kazakhstan: Reducing Nuclear Danger, Increasing Global Security

    Dec. 16, 2003 | Sam Nunn

    In his remarks, Sam Nunn hails Kazakhstan's decision to dismantle their nuclear arsenal in the early 1990's and explains how through that action, they've built a friendship with the United States and been an example to the world.

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  • The Race Between Cooperation and Catastrophe

    Nov. 20, 2003 | Sam Nunn

    At a conference in Strasbourg, France, Sam Nunn speaks about the "Strengthening the Global Partnership" project, an NTI-funded consortium of 21 research institutions across Europe, Russia, the U.S. and Asia and what must be done to keep nuclear, biological and chemical weapons out of terrorist hands.

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  • Issues Facing the Global Nonproliferation Regime

    Sept. 24, 2003 | Charles B. Curtis

    In this speech delivered in Vienna, Austria, NTI President Charles Curtis calls for new and urgent worldwide actions to physically secure weapons and nuclear materials at their source to preclude the possibility that terrorists could get their hands on them. Curtis explains how current efforts to prevent nuclear terrorism do not come close to matching the threat.

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  • Evian and Beyond: Priorities for the Global Partnership

    May 28, 2003 | Sam Nunn

    A coalition of 20 security organizations from 16 countries called for more progress in a worldwide effort to stem the spread of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons in a statement released in Paris.

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  • Statement by Sam Nunn on the RAND Report: Beyond the Nuclear Shadow

    May 21, 2003 | Sam Nunn

    NTI co-chairman Sam Nunn calls for urgent action to address the increased danger of an accidental or unauthorized launch of a nuclear weapon between the United States and Russia. Nunn made the comments while releasing a report by the RAND Corporation that warns those risks are too high, despite the agreement reached between the United States and Russia in the Treaty of Moscow.

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  • Controlling Nuclear Warheads and Materials

    March 12, 2003 | Sam Nunn

    NTI Co-Chairman Sam Nunn speaks at the National Press Club to release the report, "Controlling Nuclear Warheads and Materials: A Report Card and Action Plan." The report, by experts at the Project on Managing the Atom commissioned by NTI, recommends steps to accelerate and strengthen nuclear threat reduction programs and calls for expanding these efforts to address insecure nuclear stockpiles around the globe.

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  • Russia's Role in Combating Catastrophic Terrorism

    Feb. 3, 2003 | Charles B. Curtis

    In this speech at the Woodrow Wilson Center, Mr. Curtis offers eight steps to a more effective U.S./Russian security relationship, moving from suspicious competitors to cooperative partners.

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  • Preventing Catastrophic Terrorism

    Jan. 20, 2003 | Sam Nunn

    Senator Nunn stresses the importance of building a Global Partnership to secure supplies of vulnerable weapons material and know-how to prevent terrorists from getting their hands on nuclear, biological and chemical weapons. At this London conference "Protecting Against the Spread of Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Weapons: An Action Agenda for the Global Partnership," experts from fifteen security organizations on three continents released a detailed action agenda to reduce these threats and committed themselves to building the necessary political and public support to ensure international action on these urgent issues.

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  • Catastrophic Terrorism and the Most Important Things to Do About It

    Jan. 14, 2003 | Charles B. Curtis

    In this speech at the MIT Club Washington Seminar Series, Mr. Curtis discusses the risk of catastrophic terrorism and what we need to be doing about it, including developing a comprehensive national security threat analysis, fixing government spending priorities, and realizing the G-8 commitment.

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