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Israel Stages Bioweapons Attack Exercise

Medical facilities and a number of Israeli govenrment agencies are taking part today and tomorrow in a large-scale exercise aimed at preparing the nation for a potential biological weapons attack, the Jerusalem Post reported (see GSN, Jan. 14).

The "Orange Flame" drill has been occurring annually for five years. The simulation this year requires participating organizations to identify and manage a biological threat and to decontaminate and provide medical care for hundreds of mock victims.

Hospitals in Rehovot, Tzrifin and Kfar Saba are taking part in the exercise. Also involved are personnel from the Israel Police, Defense Ministry, L. Greenberg Center for Forensic Medicine and additional agencies.

An Israeli Defense Force spokesman said yesterday the exercise was conducted to boost preparedness for a biological crisis and to improve the integration of various organizations' response measures (Judy Siegel-Itzkovich, Jerusalem Post, Nov. 9).

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