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Pakistan Insists Its Nuke Program Is Fully Secure

Pakistan on Tuesday insisted that it has measures in place that "ensure the safety and security" of its nuclear facilities, following the disclosure that the United States is much more concerned than it publicly admits about local extremists potentially targeting the South Asian state's atomic materials, the Washington Post reported.

Islamabad is "fully committed" to the tenants of nuclear nonproliferation and arms control and adheres to International Atomic Energy Agency-established guidelines, according to a statement from the Pakistani Foreign Ministry. The country is "fully implementing" the requirements of the Chemical Weapons Convention and the Biological Weapons Convention, it says.

U.S. spy agencies have heightened their surveillance efforts of Pakistan's nuclear, biological and chemical facilities. They have done so largely out of concern that they might come under attack by militant groups that operate in the country or be infiltrated by extremists intent on acquiring WMD-relevant substances. Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden leaked to the Post classified documents on the U.S. intelligence community's fiscal 2013 "black budget" that provided the source material for that revelation.

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