Through innovation and cooperation

Since 2001, Nuclear Threat Initiative has developed innovative solutions to respond to the world’s greatest threats. 

Thousands of donors—foundations, corporations and individuals who recognize the dangers nuclear, biological, radiological, and chemical weapons pose to our planet have generously supported our work. With your help NTI can make great progress in securing nuclear materials, preventing the spread of disease, and building international cooperation for nuclear disarmament and nonproliferation. Take a look at the difference we’ve made to build a safer world.


NTI, with advisor Warren Buffett’s backing, committed $50 million for an international low-enriched uranium bank to address nuclear proliferation risks

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Building global cooperation and capacity between public health experts around the world.

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NTI Index

The NTI Nuclear Security Index is a first-of-its- kind public benchmarking project of nuclear materials security conditions on a country- by-country basis.

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NTI has built a reputation for pragmatic, effective projects that build security now and for future generations. Please support our efforts today.


Generating Solutions

We design innovative projects to directly reduce threats, to show governments the way and to build momentum and support for action on a larger scale.

We work with presidents and prime ministers, scientists and technicians, educators and students, and people around the world. And we use our voice to raise awareness and advocate for creative solutions.

NTI experts bring years of experience at the highest levels of government and research to tackle nuclear, chemical, biological and radiological threats.

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NTI works with a range of partners on projects designed to reduce the global threats from nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons.

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We're in a race between cooperation and catastrophe. The threat is outpacing our response. Your support will make a difference.

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