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    San'ŭm-ri Chemical Weapons Storage Site

    This facility reportedly has "northern" and "southern" sites, but it is unclear whether they are collocated or separate facilities. The northern site includes storage facilities both underground and above ground, storage tanks, and a plant for processing chemicals. The southern site has delivery vehicles for chemical agents, storage facilities both underground and above ground, storage tanks, and a vehicle maintenance ...

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    Sangwon-gun Missile Base

    This site has been identified as an intermediate-range missile base, but no more is known about the site.

    “북, 최소 4곳의 미사일 공장과 10곳의 미사일 기지 운영 [North Korea Operating at Least 4 Missiles Factories and 10 Missile Bases]”, Segye Ilbo, March 26, 1999,; Kim Seong-Ho, “북한의 미사일 연구개발 조직 및 정책 결정 구조 분석 ...

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    Soreq Nuclear Research Center (SNRC)

    According to the website of the Soreq Nuclear Research Center (SNRC), the research center serves numerous purposes. Research at Soreq focuses on introduction and incorporation of radiation-based techniques for practical use, such as developing equipment for nuclear medicine and radio-pharmaceutics and testing and developing methods to detect contraband and security-threat materials. [1]

    Soreq has several divisions: ElectroOptics, Non-Destructive Testing, a ...

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    Shin'gye-kun Scud Missile Base

    Construction of the missile base began in 1985, but was suspended late in the year. In 1985, the road to the missile base was unpaved. According to defector Im Yŏng Sŏn, a delay in missile development might have resulted in the halt of construction. Im says officers at the construction site said the missiles to be deployed at ...

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    Shin'ŭiju Chemical Fiber Complex

    There are several references in the open source literature to CW agent production at a "Shin'ŭiju Chemical Factory (新義州化學工場)" or a "Shin'ŭiju Chemical Complex (新義州化學聯合企業所)." However, the existence of a "Shin'ŭiju Chemical Factory" has not been confirmed, and the "Shin'ŭiju Chemical Complex" is an incorrect name for the "Shin'ŭiju Chemical Fiber Complex." Shin'ŭiju is an ...

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    Shahroud Missile Test Site

    Iran constructed the Shahroud missile test facility in the late 1980s with Chinese and North Korean assistance, and it has remained the main test facility for the Shahab missile series. [1] In July 1998, Iran launched the first, apparently unsuccessful, test flight of a Shahab-3 missile from the site. [2] In August 2013, Jane's Intelligence Review reported that over the ...

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    Shahid Bakeri Industrial Group

    The Shahid Bakeri Industrial Group (SBIG) produces a variety of solid-fueled artillery rockets, including the North Korean-designed Fajr rocket series and the Fateh-110 missile. [1] According to IISS, SBIG "is believed to have assumed responsibility for solid propellant production in Iran in the mid-1990s." [2] Christoph Bluth asserts that Russian engineers assisted SBIG in the production of long-range ...

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    Semnan Missile Complex

    The Semnan Missile Complex includes a ballistic missile test range and production facility reportedly built with substantial Chinese assistance. [1] Iran began producing the Oghab unguided artillery rocket at Semnan in 1987 with the goal of producing 600 to 1,000 such rockets per year. [2] The plant also produces the solid-fueled artillery rocket Nazeat, Shahab-I missiles, and ...

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    S.K. Machine Tools Private Ltd.

    S.K. Machine Tools Private Ltd. was founded in 1986 as an ancillary to Praga Tools Limited, Hyderabad. In its initial years, the company manufactured machine tool accessories and precision components for Praga Tools, antenna gear box assemblies for the Electronics Corporation of India, and other "SPM fixtures" for the "HCL" and Voith India Private Limited. In 1994, S.K ...

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    Solid State Physics Laboratory

    The Solid State Physics Laboratory (SSPL) was established in 1962 with the "objective of developing an R&D base in the field of solid state materials, devices, and sub-systems." The laboratory has a staff of nearly 572 persons, of whom 246 are scientists and engineers.

    In the 1960s, the SSPL started off with the design and development of "discrete devices ...

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    Shinp'o Uranium Mine

    There are reports that this mine was under development in 1994, but there is no conclusive evidence that the mine was ever completed.

    [1] Chang Chun Ik, Pukhan Haek-Missile Chŏnjaeng (Seoul: Sŏmundang, 1999), p. 133.
    [2] Joseph S. Bermudez, Jr., "North Korea's Nuclear Infrastructure," Jane's Intelligence Review, February 1, 1994, pp. 74-79.

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