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    January 18th Machine Factory

    According to a source in the South Korean military, this factory produces Scud missile engines. Han Tŏk Su, former chairman of the pro-North Korean General Federation of Korean Residents in Japan (Choch'ongnyŏn), reportedly visited the January 18th Machine Factory in April 1987. His guide told him the facility had been built under an apartment complex, and that very ...

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    Kalna Uranium Milling Pilot Plant

    The semi-industrial plant at Kalna was constructed to separate ore extracted from Mt. Stara Planina. In 1960, it was operating with a capacity to process between 23 to 50 tons of ore per day. During the 1960s, the plant conducted "large-scale" uranium ore processing experiments to become familiar with the technologies and processes, and to obtain necessary ...

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    Jazbec and Borst Mine Waste Disposal Sites

    These locations have been the dumping sites for the waste and tailings resulting from years of operating the Zirovski Vrh mine. In 2001, the Slovenian Government reported that over 5,500 tons of poor quality uranium ore originating from the Zirovski mine was deposited at the Jazbec site.

    Source: "Nuclear Facilities and the Fuel Cycle," Paper submitted ...

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    Mayak Production Association

    Established in 1948 in Chelyabinsk-65 (now known as Ozersk), PO Mayak played an important role in the Soviet nuclear weapons program. The facility was one of the several plants dedicated to producing plutonium and tritium, as well as fabricating highly-enriched uranium (HEU) and plutonium warhead components. [1] PO Mayak produced components for the Soviet Union's first nuclear device ...

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    Kusŏng Machine Tool Factory

    The Kusŏng Machine Tool Factory produces a number of machine tools that could be applied to missile production and assembly. This factory was selected as a "model of automation" for other plants in 2001, and has subsequently been "modernized" or upgraded. National Defense Commission Chairman visited the Kusŏng Machine Tool Factory in late January 2000 and on 14 February 2001 ...

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    National Command Authority (NCA)

    In February 2000 Pakistan's National Security Council (NSC) established the National Command Authority (NCA). [4] The NCA is the nation’s highest decision-making authority on nuclear and missile policy issues, and oversees all nuclear and missile programs. [5] The International Institute for Strategic Studies notes that although the makeup of the committee would appear to grant substantial civilian authority over nuclear ...

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    National Center for Scientific Research

    The research institute comprises four separate divisions: biomedicine, chemistry, bioengineering, and electronics. It provides analytic and technical services to other scientific institutions, according to Manuel Limonta, former director of CIGB, along with leading the country in post-graduate bioscience education.

    While CIGB has replaced CENIC as Cuba's premier bioscientific institution, historically this institute has played an important role in Cuban biotechnology ...

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    National Center for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Control (NCNSRC)

    Established in 1982, the NCNSRC is Egypt's nuclear licensing authority and inspectorate. It has three divisions: Nuclear Regulations and Emergencies; Radiation Control; and Safety of Nuclear Installations. [2] The center handles radiation protection for personnel and the environment, and is also responsible for other regulatory and safety issues related to Egypt's nuclear installations. [3]

    [1 ...

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    Nuclear Electronics Laboratory

    From 1986 to 1996 the IAEA helped the AECS to upgrade its nuclear electronics laboratory. The IAEA provided spare parts and components, allowing the AECS to indigenously design and construct tools used for the maintenance and repair of nuclear instrumentation. The IAEA also trained AECS personnel in the repair, maintenance and servicing of nuclear instruments.

    Source: "SYR/4 ...

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