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  • Facility

    Hwangch'on Chemical Weapons Storage Site

    This is one of six reported chemical weapons storage facilities. The site has been associated with CW supply for the III Corps of the Korean People's Army.

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    [3] Kim Won-pong, Kitachosen ...

  • Facility

    Najin Uranium Mine

    According to Osamu Eya, a Japanese journalist, the uranium mine at Najin was discovered in 1961, and is North Korea's oldest mine.

    Source: Osamu Eya, Kimu Jon Iru Daizukan (Tokyo: Shogakkan, 2000), pp. 64-65.

  • NTI News

    Side Event on Nuclear Disarmament Verification at UN First Committee

    Participants in the International Partnership for Nuclear Disarmament Verification (IPNDV) will discuss the initiative’s progress and future plans in addressing the technical challenges involved in verifying nuclear disarmament at a side event of the United Nations First Committee session.

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