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    Ted Turner

    A philanthropist and supporter of a number of humanitarian causes, Mr. Turner is founder of CNN, the world's first live, in-depth, around-the-clock news television network. He directs most of his philanthropic activities through the Turner Foundation, the United Nations Foundation and NTI.

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    Alexey Arbatov

    Alexey Arbatov, head of the Center for International Security of the Institute of World Economy and International Relations (IMEMO) of the Russian Academy of Sciences, is one of Russia's most important intellectual leaders in the fields of international relations and international security.

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    Nafis Sadik

    Dr. Nafis Sadik is special advisor to the UN Secretary-General and special envoy for HIV/AIDS in Asia and Pacific. She has consistently called attention to the importance of addressing gender, population and development issues and, particularly, the inclusion of women in decision-making and carrying out of development policy.

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    David A. Hamburg

    David Hamburg is President Emeritus of Carnegie Corporation of New York, after having been President from 1983-97. He has held numerous other board positions in biological and health sciences and taught at both Stanford University and Harvard University.

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    Siegfried S. Hecker

    Siegfried S. Hecker is Director Emeritus of the Los Alamos National Laboratory, where he was Director from 1986 to 1997, and is currently Visiting Professor at Stanford University's Center for International Security and Cooperation.

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    Page Stoutland, PhD

    Page Stoutland joined NTI in 2010 from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), where he held a number of senior positions.

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    John Carlson

    Based in Australia, John Carlson counsels NTI on international nuclear security, safeguards and verification issues. He is also a member of the Asia Pacific Leadership Network. Before retiring from government, Carlson was director general of the Australian Safeguards and Non-proliferation Office. He was chairman of the International Atomic Energy Agency’s Standing Advisory Group on Safeguards Implementation from 2001 to ...

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    Samantha Pitts-Kiefer

    Samantha Pitts-Kiefer joined NTI in June 2012 and serves as Director of the Global Nuclear Policy Program.

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    Liru Cui

    Professor Liru Cui is Senior Advisor of China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations (CICIR) and a distinguished veteran in international relations and security issues.

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    Catherine Crary

    Catherine Crary, Executive Assistant & Conference Coordinator, joined NTI in 2010.

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