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    Baykal-1 (Baikal) Research Reactor Complex

    Background: The Baykal-1 complex houses two research reactors (IVG-1M and RA) and one subcritical assembly (Angara). During the Soviet era, the Baykal-1 reactor complex was a branch of Luch Scientific Production Association set up to test fuel elements of experimental nuclear rocket engines and fuel assemblies. [1] According to Yuriy Cherepnin, General Director of the National Nuclear Center of Kazakhstan ...

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    Following the destruction of the alleged Al-Kibar reactor, on 2 May 2008 the IAEA requested access to three locations "allegedly functionally related" to activities at the Al-Kibar site.[1] According to the German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung, these three facilities were located near the towns of Masyaf, Marj as-Sultan, and Iskandariyah.[2] One of the three – ...

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    Kapustin Yar

    From 1957 to 1962, ten nuclear charges were exploded at Kapustin Yar, Western Kazakhstan. [1] As of January 2001, Russia was leasing the site from Kazakhstan in exchange for annual in-kind payments of military equipment and training, worth $25.5 million. [2]

    [1] Smantay Tleubergenov, Poligony Kazakhstana (Almaty: Gylym, 1997), pp. 433-436, 480-481.
    [2] "Novosti iz stran SNG," ...

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    Nuclear Training Laboratory

    From 1984 to 1987, the IAEA and the AECS jointly established and equipped a nuclear training laboratory for use by the AECS and the Arab Centre for the Study of Dry Lands and Arid Zones. [1] The laboratory's equipment includes oscilloscopes, electronic tools and components, a scintillation detector, X-ray and GM counters, neutron sources, and chemicals.[2] The ...

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    Hama Missile Base and Production Factory

    Constructed with Iranian, North Korean and Chinese assistance, the Hama complex houses an underground missile production facility and a Scud-C launch base. [1] Missile production reportedly began in 1993. [2] Damascus constructed two separate production plants at the complex, for liquid-fueled and solid-fueled systems. [3]

    In 2007, the Jerusalem Post reported that Syria had constructed "more than ...

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    Higher Institute of Applied Science and Technology

    Established in 1983, the Higher Institute of Applied Science and Technology (HIAST) is an engineering and technology university in Damascus that offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in disciplines such as physics, mathematics, engineering and electronics. [1] According to the U.S. Treasury Department, HIAST provides training to engineers affiliated with the Scientific Studies and Research Center, which is responsible for ...

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    General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration (MTA)

    Currently, Turkey does not have infrastructure for the commercial mining of uranium or thorium. [1] The General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration is responsible for the exploration of ore deposits in Turkey, including uranium and thorium. [2] Turkey has limited indigenous access to uranium, with known deposits estimated at approximately 9,000 metric tons. The deposits are spread over ...

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    Çekmece Nuclear Research and Training Centre (ÇNAEM)

    Turkey founded the Çekmece Nuclear Research and Training Centre (ÇNAEM) in 1962. It is the primary nuclear research facility in Turkey. The TR-2 research reactor, nuclear fuel facility unit, and the radioactive waste processing and storage facility are all located on the grounds of the ÇNAEM. Other facilities at the Centre include laboratories for radioisotopes, radiopharmaceuticals, and radioactivity analysis. [1 ...

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    Lasers and Applications Division

    The Lasers and Applications Divisions conducts research on laser construction, modeling, and operation. Some of the lasers produced and used at this facility include pulsed mini TEA CO2 laser and laser head. Among other things these lasers can be used for IR spectroscopy, photochemistry, and isotope separation. [1]

    "Lasers & Applications Division," Vinča Institute of Nuclear Sciences, 2004 ...

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    Pilot Uranium Ore Purification Plant Gabrovnica

    Constructed to process uranium ore extracted at Gabrovnica. Open sources have not reported on the status of this facility. [1]

    [1] Slobodan Nakicenovic, Nuclear Energy in Yugoslavia, (Beograde: Export Press, 1961), p. 88.

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