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    Hindustan Fluorocarbons Ltd.

    Hindustan Flurocarbons Ltd. was established in 1983 as joint sector company between Hindustan Organic Chemicals Ltd. and Andhra Pradesh Industrial Development Corporation.

    The company produces various grades of poly-tetra-fluro-methylene, including suspension and emulsion grades.

    Source: Hindustan Fluorocarbon Limited,

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    Tata Chemicals Ltd.

    Tata Chemicals was established in 1939. The company possesses and operates the most massive and, according to its website, the most integrated inorganic complex in India. Tata Chemicals also has a fertilizer project, which has been awarded for its efforts in energy conservation, productivity, and safety.

    Tata Chemicals has a salt works facility of 60 sq km at the Mithapure ...

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    Sirjan Missile Plant

    Iran began construction of a missile assembly facility close to Sirjan with Israeli assistance in 1978 as part of "Operation Flower." [1] However, this may or may not be the same Sirjan as the present facility, as yet another complex was completed in cooperation with North Korea that produces liquid fuels and structural components for {{glossary-term:"ballistic-missile":"ballistic missiles" ...

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    Fajr Industrial Group

    According to the U.S. Treasury Department, the Fajr Industrial Group (FIG) "is involved in the production and acquisition of precision equipment for missile guidance and control systems." [1] Both the UN and the U.S. government have imposed sanctions on the FIG, and UNSCR 1747 specifically imposed travel and financial sanctions on the head of the FIG, Mohsen ...

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    Manzariyah is a facility for research and development on unguided missiles and missile fuel production. [1] Its exact location varies in open source literature. Manzariyeh refers to several locations in Iran, including a Revolutionary Guards Training Center northeast of Tehran located in the same region where several sources put the missile facility. However, a study by the Center for Strategic ...

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    Parchin Chemical Industries

    Parchin Chemical Industries (PCI) is part of the Defense Industries Organization's Chemical Industries Group and is most likely located at the Parchin Military Complex. UNSCR 1747 asserts that PCI "produces ammunition, explosives, as well as solid propellants for rockets and missiles." [1] In April 2007, U.S. sources identified Parchin Chemical Industries (PCI) "as the final recipient of sodium ...

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    US intelligence sources suspect the facilities in Damghan launched operations in 1989 and were meant to produce agents for ballistic missile warheads. According to unconfirmed reports, Damghan is the site of a biological weapons research laboratory constructed with Russian assistance. The BW laboratory is allegedly located near Iran's CW production facilities at Damghan.

    [1] Federation of American Scientists, www ...

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    Research Center of the Construction Crusade (Jihad-e Sazandegi)

    The entire Ministry has 12 different divisions and a number of organizations, directorates, offices, and companies. Research centers were established in 20 provinces throughout the country. According to the National Council of Resistance of Iran, there are four affiliated research institutes in the cities of Isfahan, Shiraz, Tabriz, and Mashad that are involved in biological weapons research and ...

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    Razi Institute for Serums and Vaccines

    Budget is 55-65 billion rials (approximately $10 million) per year. 35 billion of which is raised through product sales. The rest comes from state budget allocations. Only 3 percent, or 2 billion rials (approximately $252,000), per year is dedicated to research.

    The institute was founded in 1925-26 to address an epidemic of cattle plague in the country. A French ...

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    Special Industries Organization (SIO)

    The Special Industries Organization (SIO) was created by the President in January 1999. Another report claimed the SIO was set up by President Rafsanjani as a 250-man agency within the Presidential Services in 1993 to develop chemical weapons. This agency is independent of the Council of Ministers.

    The SIO oversees and coordinates various scientific programs. The Biological Research ...

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    Bandar Abbas

    Iran's main naval base is located at Bandar Abbas. [1] The complex hosts a missile site where Chinese-built cruise missiles such as the CSS-N-2 Silkworm, HY-2 Seersucker and C-801 Sardine are tested, assembled, manufactured, and upgraded. [2] The Revolutionary Guard Corps protects the complex with HAWK, SA-5 and SA-2 air-defense missiles. [3] According to Stratfor, "Iran generally ...

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    Facility 97045

    Subordination: The state-owned special enterprise Ekorez operates the facility. [2] Ekorez is subordinate to the Minsk City Executive Committee (Mingorispolkom), although radioactive waste management at the facility is administered on the federal level. [3]

    Background: The facility was opened in the early 1960s and accepted the first shipment of waste in December 1963. [4]


    Facility 97045 is the only ...

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