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Treaties & Regimes

Below you will find information on treaties, organizations, and regimes relating to disarmament, arms control, and nonproliferation of weapons of mass destruction. Information on each treaty or organization includes relevant full text documents, country memberships, an analytical overview, and a chronology tracking ongoing work and related developments. All entries are updated regularly, as events warrant. This material was prepared for the NTI site by the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies.


    • Lahore Declaration
      The Lahore Declaration was an agreement between India and Pakistan that called for both to reduce the risk of accidental or unauthorized use of nuclear weapons, among other confidence-building measures.

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    • Arms Trade Treaty (ATT)
      The Arms Trade Treaty obligates Parties to regulate ammunition or munitions fired, launched, or delivered by enumerated conventional arms, including battle tanks, combat vehicles, missiles, missile launchers, and small arms. Parties must also regulate export of parts and components that may assemble these conventional arms.

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