Building a safer world through innovation, cooperation, and action

The Nuclear Threat Initiative is a nonprofit, nonpartisan global security organization focused on reducing nuclear and biological threats imperiling humanity.

24% The NTI Nuclear Security Index found that 1/4 of countries don't have basic cybersecurity measures in place

195 Countries assessed for health security capabilities in the Global Health Security Index

25+ Countries participating in a public-private initiative on arms control monitoring and verification

50+ Heads of organizations committed to making gender equity a working reality through NTI-hosted Gender Champions in Nuclear Policy

Our Vision

A world safe from preventable global catastrophe

Our Mission

To transform global security by driving systemic solutions to nuclear and biological threats imperiling humanity

Our Values

Uncompromising Integrity

We adhere to the highest standards of trustworthiness, mutual respect, and excellence.

Intellectual Independence

We serve the global public interest unbound by political or financial influences.

Creative Collaboration

We forge innovative partnerships that multiply our impact.

Diverse Perspectives

We foster an inclusive, equitable culture that respects and lifts a range of voices and ideas, including those who have been traditionally underrepresented.

Enduring Optimism

We share an abiding belief that a better future is possible.

What We Do

NTI collaborates with governments and organizations to raise awareness, advocate, and implement creative solutions. As an independent and trusted partner, we transcend traditional thinking and stimulate new ways to address urgent threats.

Programs & Projects

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NTI delivers real-world solutions to today’s top security threats

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NTI is a role model of a private-public partnership in issues of security and of survival.
Mohamed ElBaradei

Former IAEA Director General, Nobel Prize laureate

Who We Are

NTI’s team provides unparalleled vision and expertise to tackling current and future threats.


Our board has prestigious leaders from international security, business, science, diplomacy, and policy.

Leadership and Staff

Our team has extensive experience from the highest levels of government, private sector, and policy.


Our distinguished fellows contribute new thinking and fresh ideas to NTI projects.

Bio Advisory Group

The group includes experts in public health, disease prevention, biotechnology, and biosecurity.

Science & Tech Advisory Group

Expert advisors offer critical input and insight on risks associated with emerging science and tech.


Interns are integral team members, partnering with mentors and making valuable contributions.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at NTI

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To build a more just, peaceful, and secure world, NTI will work to foster and maintain an inclusive, equitable culture at our own organization and across the broader global security community.

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