Key Cyber Resources from NTI

The list below includes publications, video and other materials produced by NTI experts or commissioned by NTI for use in our projects. 

Outpacing Cyber Threats: Priorities for Cybersecurity at Nuclear Facilities takes a fresh look at cybersecurity at nuclear facilities and offers a set of ambitious, forward-leaning priorities and recommendations. It also includes a timeline of 23 publicly revealed cyber incidents that have occurred at nuclear facilities round the world between 1990 and June 2016.

2016 NTI Nuclear Security Index included for the first time an indicator evaluating cybersecurity at 47 countries with nuclear materials or facilities.  The results show that although some countries have been taking steps to protect nuclear facilities from cyberattack, many do not yet have the laws and regulations needed to provide effective cybersecurity. Watch video of the launch here.  (January 2016)

Sabotage: Facing the Threat

Cyber attack introduces a new threat of sabotage to nuclear facilities. See how the NTI Index is helping measure the danger of cyber threats to nuclear facilities and materials.

After Stuxnet: Acknowledging the CyberThreat to Nuclear Facilities (PDF), by NTI Program Associate Alexandra Van Dine, highlights the threat posed to nuclear facilities from cyber-attacks and the current lack of adequate domestic and international legal and institutional protections for such facilities. (April 2017)

A New Approach to Nuclear Computer Security is a study conducted by cybersecurity expert George Chamales.  This report examines potential technological measures for mitigating the cyber threat. (June 2015)

Cyber Security at Nuclear Facilities:  National Approaches is a study undertaken by the Institute for Safety and Security at German’s University of Brandenburg.  This report provides a glimpse into how national regulators in five countries (China, Germany, Russia, South Africa and the United States) are approaching the cyber threat in the nuclear space.  The results of this study informed the creation of a new cybersecurity indicator in the NTI Nuclear Security Index that measured national progress in this area at the regulatory level – and revealed a global lack of preparedness. (June 2015)

NTI Newsroom features NTI-related news, including press releases from the Outpacing Cyber Threats report and the 2016 Underhanded C programming contest.

Atomic Pulse, NTI’s blog, frequently include cyber topics.  NTI’s Alexandra Van Dine has written on outpacing cyber hackers and President Obama’s remarks on the cyber nuclear threat.  Atomic Pulse also has interviewed expert Dr. Andrew Futter on the cyber threat to nuclear weapons. 

May 31, 2017

The list below includes publications, video and other materials produced by NTI experts or commissioned by NTI for use in our projects.