The Iran Deal is Working

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The Iran nuclear deal is the most comprehensive and restrictive agreement in history - verifiably preventing Iran now and in the future from ever getting a nuclear bomb.

NTI offers key resources on the Iran nuclear agreement and Iran's nuclear program, including a new interactive website [hold for Parallax link] an op-ed by NTI CEO and Co-Chair and former Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz, interactive maps of Iran's nuclear facilities, and more.

Interactive Website Highlights Key Verification Measures in Iran Deal

Iran Parallax Screenshot 2

An at-a-glance interactive summary of the deal that clarifies common misconceptions.

Scroll through the website to learn about the deal’s most crucial monitoring and verification requirements, provisions that remain in place forever.

Op-ed by Ernest Moniz: On Iran and North Korea: Don’t trust, and verify, verify, verify (Boston Globe, 3/27/18)

EJM Iran Deal Op-Ed Graphic

In this op-ed published in the Boston Globe, Moniz discusses the Iran Deal's powerful verification measures and the importance of staying in the agreement.

Infographic: Permanent Iran Deal Restrictions (Click to download PDF)

Iran Deal Never Expires Graphic PNG

Iran Country Profile

Created in partnership with the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies (CNS)

Iran Missile Model

Background information on Iran's nuclear, chemical, biological and missile programs. The profile includes both historical information and recent analysis. (View country profile)

The CNS Iran Missile and SLV Launch Database

Iran Database

The database documents Iranian missile and space launch vehicle (SLV) launches from 1988 to the present.

Iran Nuclear Facilities - Interactive Map

Iran Facilities Map

See where Iran's nuclear facilities are located in this interactive map created by CNS.

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