Global Health Security Agenda Launch


Dr. Thomas C. Frieden, Director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and Ms. Laura Holgate, Senior Director, WMD Terrorism and Threat Reduction, National Security Council, discuss the administration's launch of the new Global Health Security Agenda (PDF) at 3:00pm on Friday, February 21, at CSIS in the 2nd floor conference room.  It is a timely opportunity to hear directly from them about the GHS Agenda's genesis, key elements and future implementation. 
It is also the occasion for the NGO sector to engage with Dr. Frieden and Senior Director Holgate and add their voice. Independent scientific, security and health experts will offer their perspectives on the GHS Agenda, including how they might in the future best contribute substantively to it. On the dais, kicking off that conversation will be Kavita Berger, AAAS, Tom Inglesby, UPMC, and Nigel Lightfoot, CORDS. 
CSIS, NTI, AAAS, UPMC and CORDS are co-sponsors of this event. 
CSIS is located at 1616 Rhode Island Ave NW, Washington, D.C.
Deborah G. Rosenblum
Deborah G. Rosenblum

Executive Vice President, NTI