Ebola, Health Security, Conflict and Peacebuilding

Johns Hopkins University - SAIS

The Conflict Prevention and Resolution Forum at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced and International Studies will hold an event on "Ebola, Health Security, Conflict and Peacebuilding" featuring NTI Executive Vice President Deborah Rosenblum.

Conflict related death and injury are contributors to the global burden of disease. Information systems break down during conflict, contributing to uncertainty and fear. Fragile public health infrastructure may also be decimated. Containment and control of infectious diseases in areas of conflict is a priority, due to the severe havoc an outbreak can wreak on these vulnerable populations.

Speakers include:

Richard Garfield, DrPH MPH RN FAAN
Emergency Response and Recovery Team Lead for Assessment, Surveillance, and Information Management, Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention

Deborah Rosenblum
Executive Vice President, NTI

P. Terrence Hopmann
Conflict Management Program Director, John Hopkins School for Advanced and International Studies

Mike Jobbins,Senior Program Manager for Africa at Search for Common Ground, will moderate.

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014
9:30 am to 11:00 am
Johns Hopkins University - SAIS
Rome Auditorium
1619 Massachusetts Ave NW
Washington D.C. 20036

RSVP: itlong@jhu.edu

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About the Forum
Since 1999, the Conflict Prevention and Resolution Forum (CPRF) has provided a monthly platform in Washington for highlighting innovative and constructive methods of conflict resolution. CPRF’s goals are to (1) provide information from a wide variety of perspectives; (2) explore possible solutions to complex conflicts; and (3) provide a secure venue for stakeholders from various disciplines to engage in cross-sector and multi-track problem-solving. The CPRF is traditionally hosted at SAIS and organized by the Conflict Management Program in conjunction with Search for Common Ground and is co-sponsored by a consortium of organizations that specialize in conflict resolution and/or public policy formulation.

Deborah G. Rosenblum
Deborah G. Rosenblum

Executive Vice President, NTI