NTI - Pool Re Joint Conference on Reducing Radiological Risks

London, UK

The Nuclear Threat Initiative and the London-based Pool Reinsurance Company Ltd. (Pool Re) are working together to address the risks posed by radiological sources in the United Kingdom and globally. In April 2017, the organizations held a joint conference in London with more than 50 representatives from the government, academia, medical community, and insurance and reinsurance sectors.

The conference included presentations on the threat and the urgent need to reduce the risks associated with radiological materials used in the healthcare sector; the economic impact of a radiological “dirty bomb” in the UK; a case study on risk mitigation measures in the U.S., including at hospitals in New York City; and the perspective from insurers. Des Browne, vice chairman of NTI and former UK Secretary of State for Defence, delivered the keynote address, and attendees discussed the vulnerability of radioactive sources used in research and medical equipment, such as hospital blood irradiators, and explored the potential consequences of a dirty bomb attack and the implications for the insurance and reinsurance industries. 

Read the summary of the NTI/Pool Re Workshop on Radiological Security here.

Review slides from the presentations here.

The presentation made by NTI's Vice President Andrew Bieniawski can be found here.

 NTI new informational brochure on effective alternative technologies for cesium-137 blood irradiators for this conference can be found here.

The following is the agenda from the workshop:

Workshop Presentations:

Introduction: The Cesium-137 Threat, the Consequences of a Dirty Bomb, and Risk Reduction Measures

  • The Rt. Hon. the Lord Browne of Ladyton (Des Browne), Vice Chairman of NTI

The Threat of CBRN Weapons to the United Kingdom

  • Ed Butler, CBE, DSO, Head of Risk Analysis, Pool Re

The Radiological Risks and Comparison with an Improvised Nuclear Device

  • Andrew Bieniawski, Vice President for Material Security and Minimization, NTI

What Would an Event Look Like in the United Kingdom? Two Modelling Scenarios

  • Leonard W. Connell, Ph.D.
  • Stephen Johnson, Cranfield University 

 Panel: Application to the Healthcare Sector and Mitigation Measures

  • Deborah Rosenblum, Executive Vice President, NTI
  • Christopher Boyd, Assistant Commissioner, New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
  • Dr. Jacob Kamen, Mount Sinai Hospital, New York City
  • Ioanna Iliopulos, NTI
  • Colin Mackie, U.K. Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

The Insurance Perspective

  • Steve Coates, Chief Underwriting Officer, Pool Re


Andrew Bieniawski
Andrew Bieniawski

Des Browne
Des Browne

Vice Chair, NTI