Karavan veset uran', p. 1, 2, in Russian


A Commission on Security of the German Bundestag prepared a special report on the basis of intelligence service data. This report is about nuclear material leakage in the world. According to the report, 52 thefts of radioactive material were recorded in 1992, 124 cases took place in 1994. According to Der Spiegel, former Soviet military personnel, ex-KGB collaborators, and corrupt officers of the Northern Fleet have dealt in radioactive materials smuggling. They have created several ways to sell nuclear materials to the West: weapon grade materials are transferred through Ukraine, Azerbaijan and on through the Bosphorus. Turkey is a major transit country for smuggled materials bound for Western Europe.

Another smuggling route is through the Czech Republic. According to German specialists, nuclear smuggling will not end in the next three years. What is more, a specialized international mafia is developing now and Russian nuclear traders are active participants in the process.

Abstract Number:  19950380
Headline:  Karavan veset uran', p. 1, 2, in Russian
Date:  17 March 1995
Bibliography:  Rabochaya Tribuna, p. 1, 2

March 17, 1995

This article is part of a collection examining reported incidents of nuclear or radioactive materials trafficking in or originating from the Newly Independent States.

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