Primorskiy Kray Police Seize Uranium


Police in Ussuriysk, Primorskiy Kray, interdicted the attempted sale of 4.5 grams of "uranium-238," ITAR-TASS Vladivostok reported on 25 July 2003. Local police from the organized crime department made the arrest together with officers from the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB).  At a press conference, the head of the organized crime department, Roman Kuzin, announced only that the authorities had prevented the illegal sale and did not mention the name of the suspect, perspective buyers, or any other details of the case.[1] The reports also did not specify the enrichment level of the uranium involved in the incident.[1]  Kuzin did mention that this was the second attempted sale in a week of a radioactive substance.[1] In the earlier case, police arrested a suspect trying to peddle three containers of cesium.  (For details of that incident, see abstract 20030480.)

Abstract Number:  20030470
Headline:  V Primorskom gorode Ussuriyske presechena popytka sbyta radioactivnogo veshchestva "uran-238" [Attempt to sell Radioactive Substance U-238 prevented in Primorskiy Town of Ussuriysk.] 
Date:  25 July 2003
Bibliography:  ITAR-TASS Vladivostok; in Integrum Techno,
Author:  Leonid Vinogradov
Material: uranium (enrichment level unspecified)

[1]"Vtoraya 'sdelka' za nedelyu" [Second "Deal" of the Week], 26 July 2003,; Integrum Techno database,

July 25, 2003

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