Vietnam 1540 Reporting

Vietnam 1540 Reporting
A Vietnamese port security interceptor, Source: Vietnam Customs

Offers/Requests of Assistance

Vietnam has officially requested assistance through the 1540 Committee, noting that "The General Department of Viet Nam Customs wishes to receive assistance in combating against WMD and their related materials, as follows:

  1. A database system to keep track of those who exchange, sell weapons and terrorists; establish an up-to-date information technology system within and outside the Custom sector for compliance management, risk management and exchange of electronic data, so as to control most effectively the transport of WMD.
  2. Information on non-proliferation and terrorism prevention in general, and on trans-border smuggling and transport of banned goods, and state crimes in particular;
  3. Opportunities to participate in conferences, exchange experience between Viet Nam Customs and Customs of other countries, international organizations in the non-proliferation field;
  4. Means to strengthen goods control and monitor (such as video camera, X-ray machines, et cetera);
  5. Training in skills to detect, identify and control WMD and their related materials."

In 2012, Vietnam cooperated with South Korea and the IAEA to launch a pilot project on the establishment of a real time tracking system of radiological materials in the country. Vietnam also operates a Megaports Initiative port in Cai Mep.

See the United Nations 1540 Committee Website for more information on Assistance Requested by Member States.


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  • Proliferation Security Initiative (PSI): On May 21, 2014, The Vietnamese Foreign Ministry announced that the country had decided to join the PSI, stating that Vietnam consistently supports international cooperation for the common goal of preventing the risk of proliferation of WMD and related delivery systems and materials.

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October 28, 2015
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This article is part of a collection examining implementation of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1540, which requires all states to implement measures aimed at preventing non-state actors from acquiring NBC weapons, related materials, and their means of delivery. It details Vietnam’s implementation efforts to-date.


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