Feeling Energized? Learn More About Nuclear and Global Security Issues

Feeling Energized? 

The inauguration and women’s marches energized people from around the world, and groups are galvanizing on a host of issues, both domestic and international.

When it comes to the policies and issues around global and nuclear security, however, the lines are often less clearly drawn – and it can be hard for citizens to know how to make themselves heard.

A good first step is to learn more, and NTI has the resources to help.

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And when opportunities arise to make yourself heard, that’s how we’ll let you know!

Explore our website for a vast array of resources to get up to speed and share with friends and elected officials.

Educational tutorials

To become persuasive about working toward a world without nuclear weapons and the steps to get there, you need to understand the basics. NTI’s tutorials are used around the world by people new to the field—including students, young professionals and media—or serve as a refresher course for experienced professionals. They can be used on the job, in the classroom, or on the road to get oriented.


Nuclear Tipping Point, a documentary on the groundbreaking work by Cold Warriors George P. Shultz, William J. Perry, Henry A. Kissinger and Sam Nunn to reduce global reliance on nuclear weapons. The 2010 film, narrated by actor Michael Douglas, was screened by President Obama at the White House and has been shown around the world.

Last Best Chance, a 2005 docudrama about the global threats posed by poorly secured nuclear materials that’s as relevant today as when it was made.

Nuclear Tipping Point


Is Launch Under Attack Feasible? What does it mean for a president to have his or her “finger on the number button?”

Securing the Bomb Interactive Budget Database. Learn about U.S. government spending to reduce nuclear, biological and chemical threats outside the United States.


Atomic Pulse, NTI’s new blog, helps keep you up-to-speed with updates from NTI and our partners around the world.

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January 23, 2017
Mimi Hall
Mimi Hall

Senior Director for Content

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