New to Capitol Hill or the White House? Taking a Class on Global Security? Get Up-To-Speed on Nuclear Issues with NTI’s Resources

As members of Congress and the Trump Administration begin to settle in to their new roles, the Nuclear Threat Initiative has a host of resources to offer new arrivals to Capitol Hill, students beginning the winter semester, or concerned citizens interested in knowing more about nuclear weapons issues.

 NTI believes that public education is a critical part of our work to address the threat of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction and disruption. Being aware of the issues and getting to know the facts is a good first step for anyone—in government or out—to engage in discussions, to bring visibility to this issue, and to make positive change for a safer world. 

Below are a series of links to tutorials, films and materials developed by the Nuclear Threat Initiative and the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies.

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The Basics

These will answer your key questions about nuclear materials, how they are secured, and how they could be delivered and tested. 

Nuclear 101 Tutorial

How Nuclear Energy and Nuclear Weapons Work (short video) 

Nuclear & Radiological Security Tutorial

Missiles & Other WMD Delivery Systems Tutorial

Nuclear Testing Tutorial

The Budget

This tutorial will give you a sense of the cost of maintaining, securing, and enhancing the United States nuclear enterprise.

U.S. Nuclear Budget Tutorial

The Nonproliferation Regime

The global nuclear nonproliferation regime has been a keystone of global efforts to limit the spread of nuclear weapons.  

Non-proliferation Regime

Non-proliferation Treaty

Our Treaties and Regimes page has a full list of treaties, organizations, and regimes relating to disarmament, arms control and nonproliferation of all WMDD.

Other WMDD

Biological Weapons Nonproliferation Tutorial

The Bio-Threat (short video)

Chemical Weapons Nonproliferation Tutorial

Other Countries

Our full list of Country Profiles includes an overview of 46 countries and other areas’ nuclear, chemical, biological, and missile programs, as well as in-depth information on participation in relevant nonproliferation treaties and regimes.

Iran Country Profile

Iran Nuclear Deal Progress Report (short video)

Imam Khomeini Space Center (short video)

North Korea Country Profile

North Korea Sinpo South Naval Shipyard (short video)

NTI Reports

Rising Nuclear Dangers: Steps to Reduce Risks in the Euro-Atlantic Region

Outpacing Cyber Threats: Priorities for Cybersecurity at Nuclear Facilities

NTI Nuclear Security Index

Feature Length Films

Nuclear Tipping Point

Last Best Chance


February 14, 2017
Carter B. Bates
Carter B. Bates

Director of Digital Communications

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Rachel Staley Grant

Director of Public Education

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