North Korean Nuclear Threat Model Makes Headlines

A 3D, virtual reality model of the North Korean nuclear test site Punggye-ri at Mantap Mountain, created by the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies (CNS) for NTI, was featured in a Vice News broadcast on HBO earlier this month. The model also headlined articles on Vice News and The Verge earlier this spring. 

Click the play button or explore the model in VR with Google Cardboard (or other VR headset) by clicking the VR headset icon in the bottom right corner. Don't forget to view the model in HD by adjusting the quality setting in the gear icon. To learn how to use VR please click on this link for a pdf explanation.

It is one of several popular pieces designed to educate readers about North Korea’s missile and nuclear programs. A new infographic of North Korea’s strategic threat and missile capability has been featured on more than 130 sites, including in this Huffington Post article. The infographic, which can be found in NTI’s country profile of North Korea’s capabilities, was named “the single most comprehensive resource” on North Korean WMD in this blog post on Arms Control Wonk.

Another new tool for journalists, including the Washington Post, in the wake of North Korea’s recent missile tests: an updated comprehensive missile testing database and interactive map of every North Korean missile test since 1984.

For more resources on North Korea, click here.


May 25, 2017
Rachel Staley Grant
Rachel Staley Grant

Director of Public Education


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