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Rapid scientific and technical advances create challenges and opportunities to reducing WMD risks.

NTI leads with innovation, cooperation, and action to keep the world safe from preventable global catastrophe. We work with a variety of partners and offer systemic solutions to reduce nuclear, biological, and other planetary risks imperiling humanity.

Founded in 2001 by former U.S. Senator Sam Nunn and Ted Turner, NTI is a leading nonprofit, nonpartisan organization with two decades of experience transforming global security. NTI is led by former Secretary of Energy Ernie Moniz and Joan Rohlfing.


Getting the notion of innovation into DC, which is what [NTI is] trying to do, is really, really important.

Our work to safely harness the benefits of AI and emerging technologies

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Our Work to Reduce Nuclear Weapon Risks

Our Impact Model

NTI’s Impact Model drives our work to create the necessary systemic change for a safer world by galvanizing large-scale institutional adoption of proven global security practices and programs.

Our expert analysis shines a bright light on critical security gaps and generates actionable threat-reduction solutions. By stimulating the collective self-interest of government and private-sector forces around the world, NTI then cultivates collaboration and momentum around those solutions. These partnerships forge pilot initiatives that demonstrate and de-risk proposals to catalyze large-scale, enduring institutional adoption.

Our Work to Prevent Emerging Biothreats

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