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Global Security Newswire, produced by National Journal Group, offers daily news updates about nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, terrorism and related issues. A free e-daily, the Newswire provides thorough, accurate coverage of these critical international security issues and includes abstracts drawn daily from a vast array of publications to provide a comprehensive survey of the day's developments.

In addition to a daily synopsis of key coverage of issues from global news sources, Global Security Newswire provides original coverage, including in-depth interviews and special reports. Each Friday, GSN culls its own coverage to create a week in review.

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Produced independently, Global Security Newswire is underwritten by the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI), as part of its public education mission. Global Security Newswire is produced independently by National Journal Group, the Washington-based publisher of National Journal and other publications. National Journal Group Inc. is committed to providing publications and services that are objective, nonpartisan, reliable and of the highest quality.

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