Electronics Corporation of India Limited

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Last Updated: July 1, 2003
Other Name: ECIL
Location: Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India
Subordinate To: Department of Atomic Energy (DAE), Government of India
Size: N/A
Facility Status: Active

The Electronics Corporation of India was incorporated in 1967 with the objective of achieving self-reliance in areas related to the electronics industry. Another objective was to promote the development of indigenous technology and blend indigenous and foreign technologies to meet the demands of Indian industry. ECIL is now one of the largest industries in India's electronic sector and has business interests in computers, strategic electronics, communication systems, control systems, instrumentation and industrial electronics, components and special products, and consumer electronics. In the fiscal year 1999-2000, ECIL achieved a turnover of $98.35 million.

The ECIL activities include:

  • Testing antennas for the Prithvi ballistic missiles at its antenna test facility; it also manufactures instrumentation for static tests of missiles and their subsystems such as the data acquisition system for propulsion.
  • Supplying gyros to Bharat Electronics Limited.
  • Manufacturing thermal batteries used in "missiles, projectiles, rockets, and torpedoes..."

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