Last Updated: March 1, 2003
Other Name: 38호 공장, The 38 Factory, Factory No. 38, No. 38 Underground Factory, Youth Electric Complex (靑年電氣聯合企業所), Combined Youth Electric Business Establishment
Location: Hŭich'ŏn (희천시), Chagang Province (자강도), North Korea
Subordinate To: Second Economic Committee (제2경제위원회), National Defense Commission (국방위원회) or the "Missile Bureau" (미사일총국), Second Economic Committee (재2경제위원회), National Defense Commission (국방위원회)
Size: Unknown
Facility Status: Unknown

In November 2001, the South Korean press reported that the No. 38 Factory in Hŭich'ŏn, Chagang Province produces missiles. According to reports, the No. 38 Factory is called the "Youth Electric Complex." However, it is still unclear what types of missiles this factory produces.

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