State Trading Corporation of India, Ltd.

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Last Updated: September 1, 2005
Location: Corporate office in New Delhi and 9 branch offices in other cities, India.
Subordinate To: Government of India
Size: One Corporate Office, 9 branch offices and 6 sub-branch offices
Facility Status: Active

Established in 1956, the State Trading Corporation (STC) is an international trading house owned by the Government of India that arranges the import of essential goods into India, including edible oils, sugar, wheat, and hydrocarbons. The STC exports a wide variety of both agricultural commodities and manufactured products, including various chemicals and agrochemicals. The STC also helps Indian manufacturers find markets overseas for their products.

In 1989, the STC shipped 60 tons of thionyl chloride to Iran. Reportedly, Transpek Private Ltd., an Indian company, sold the chemical to the STC. Thionyl chloride is a potential precursor chemical for nerve agent or possibly mustard gas.

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