Imam Khomeini Space Center

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Last Updated: November 2, 2017
Other Name: Semnan Spaceport; Semnan Space Center
Location: Semnan, Iran
Subordinate To: Iranian Space Agency
Size: Two launch complexes, horizontal rocket assembly and checkout building, engine test stand, support buildings.
Facility Status: Operational


Construction of the Semnan Spaceport (now known as the Imam Khomeini Space Center) began in 2003. [1] The spaceport comprises two launch pads: an older, medium-sized launch pad with a collapsible umbilical tower, and a newer, larger launch pad with a mobile gantry tower.

Iran inaugurated the spaceport in early 2008 with a test launch of the Kavoshgar 1 (Explorer 1) rocket, which appeared to be a modified Shahab-3B. [2] In February 2009, Iran successfully launched the 27kg Omid satellite into orbit using the two-stage Safir space launch vehicle (SLV). [3] Iran subsequently launched satellites into orbit using the Safir SLV in 2011 and 2012. [4] The launch pad sustained heavy damage during a failed September 2012 launch, but has been repaired and used since, including for a 2015 Safir SLV launch. [5]

In March 2010, satellite images revealed the construction of a second launch pad roughly 3km east of the original site. It includes a mobile gantry tower, umbilical tower, two flame trenches, support tunnels, and four large lightning towers. The gantry tower is approximately 45m tall, which far exceeds the needs of the Safir or Simorgh SLVs, suggesting that Iran plans to test new launch vehicle designs. [6] Iran officially inaugurated this new launch complex on July 27, 2017, when it successfully test launched the Simorgh SLV. [7]

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