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Last Updated: February 1, 2004
Other Name: Centro Nacional de Sanidad Agropecuaria; CENSA
Location: La Habana
Subordinate To: Ministry of Higher Education (according to the Center for Defense Information)
Size: CENSA occupies a 30,000 square meter site. There are 400 employees at the institute, with almost 70 percent of them involved in research and development efforts.
Facility Status: Unknown

The facility is relatively old with little security.

During an October 2002 visit to the center by representatives from the Center for Defense Information, two members commented that the research observed by the team appeared to be staged, while some of the buildings and laboratories did not appear to be designed for their stated purposes.

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[2] Glenn Baker (ed.), Cuban biotechnology: A first-hand report, Washington, DC: Center for Defense Information, 20 May 2003.

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