Electromagnetic Isotope Separator

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Last Updated: June 1, 2004
Other Name: Calutron
Location: N/A
Subordinate To: Institute of Nuclear Sciences, Vinča
Size: N/A
Facility Status: N/A

This facility may have been housed and operated at the laboratory for physical chemistry, a department at the Vinca Institute of Nuclear. [1] During the 1960s, scientists at Vinca studied the effects of modifying an "analyzer" using several ion sources. [2] This may have been part of overall research into electromagnetic isotope separation techniques to enrich uranium. [3]This device may have been used to conduct research into electromagnetic isotope separation (EMIS) technologies. No specifications are available, and there is some doubt that it was ever completed.

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[3] Andrew Koch, "Yugoslavia's Nuclear Legacy: Should We Worry?" The Nonproliferation Review, Spring/Summer 1997, www.nonproliferation.org.

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