Central Sanitary and Anti-Epidemic Research Institute

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Last Updated: November 1, 1998
Other Name: 중앙위생방역연구소; National Sanitary and Anti-Epidemic Center; Central Sanitary Quarantine Institute; Central Hygienic and Anti-Epidemic Station (중앙위생방역소)
Location: Moranbong-kuyeok (모란봉구역), Pyongyang (평양시), North Korea
Subordinate To: Ministry of Public Health (보건성), Cabinet (내각)
Size: One three-story building
Facility Status: Unknown

The Central Sanitary and Anti-Epidemic Research Institute was established in 1946. The institute is reportedly linked to biological weapons-related research. In 1987, the Hemorrhagic Fever Laboratory (출혈열연구실) was established under this facility. The laboratory reportedly has conducted research on epidemic with renal syndrome, which is named "No. 17 (17호)" in North Korea, as well as other bacterial agents with the potential to be weaponized. According to North Korean media reports, the institute's main duties include attending to nationwide sanitation needs, providing inoculations against various diseases, and administering quarantines in order to prevent the introduction of foreign diseases into North Korea. The center reportedly has 10 main sections, including sections on hygiene, epidemic prevention, parasites, quarantines, and inoculations. As of 2001, the center was staffed by 10 doctors and assistants with masters' degrees, and was supported by several medical technicians with years of experience. The institute also reportedly has 400 pieces of medical equipment.

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