Songcheon-kun Biological Warfare Agent Testing Facility

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Last Updated: November 1, 1998
Other Name: Songcheon County BW (Biological Warfare) Facility
Location: Songcheon-kun, South Pyeongan Province
Subordinate To: Unknown
Size: Unknown
Facility Status: Unknown

According to Kim Wŏn Pon, director of the "Northeast Asia Research Institute (북동아문제연구소)" in Japan, in the 1970s North Korea built a large-scale underground facility in Sŏngch'on-kun, South P'yŏng'an Province. Kim claims that the facility has been involved in BW agent tests on animals such as rabbits, rats and goats.

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[2] Yi Son-ho, "North Korea's Technology for the Development of Weapons of Mass Destruction and Its Ability," Pukhan, November 1998, pp. 38-51, in "Monthly on DPRK Weapons of Mass Destructio (sic)," FBIS Document ID: FTS19981121000245.

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