National Poison Control Center

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Last Updated: June 1, 2004
Other Name: Nacionalni centar za kontrolu trovanja
Location: Belgrade, Serbia
Subordinate To: Military Medical Academy
Size: Unknown
Facility Status: N/A

The Department of Experimental Toxicology and Pharmacology has three primary activity areas, two of which may be of relevance to chemical warfare. The first CW relevant focus is medical protection against CW agents. The other is fundamental research in toxicology and pharmacology. The third area of activity is pre-clinical drug investigations. The National Poisons Control Center also includes a treatment center for those exposed to poisons. This is the Clinic of Urgent and Clinical Toxicology and Pharmacology.

Source: Website of the National Poison Control Center, http://solair.eunet.yu.

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This article provides an overview of the Former Yugoslavia’s historical and current policies relating to nuclear, chemical, biological and missile proliferation.

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