Shin'ŭiju Chemical Fiber Complex

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Last Updated: March 1, 2003
Other Name: 신의주화학섬유연합기업소; Shinŭi'ju Chemical Factory (신의주화학공장); Shinŭi'ju Chemical Complex (신의주화학연합기업소); Sinuiju Chemical Factory
Location: Shin'ŭiju (신의주시), North P'yŏng'an Province (평안북도), North Korea
Subordinate To: 5th Machine Industry Bureau (제5기계산업총국), Second Economic Committee (제2경제위원회) for chemical weapons production; probably the Ministry of Chemical Industry (화학공업성) and the Ministry of Light Industry (경공업성) for civilian production.
Size: Production capacity of 107,000 tons of chemicals per year, including 20,000 tons of synthetic fiber
Facility Status: Unknown

There are several references in the open source literature to CW agent production at a "Shin'ŭiju Chemical Factory (新義州化學工場)" or a "Shin'ŭiju Chemical Complex (新義州化學聯合企業所)." However, the existence of a "Shin'ŭiju Chemical Factory" has not been confirmed, and the "Shin'ŭiju Chemical Complex" is an incorrect name for the "Shin'ŭiju Chemical Fiber Complex." Shin'ŭiju is an industrialized area with plants and facilities supporting the machinery, chemical, and light industrial sectors. Shin'ŭiju is one of eight supposed CW production sites in North Korea, and the Shin'ŭiju Chemical Fiber Complex reportedly produces choking agents and riot-control agents. However, given information in the open source literature, it is difficult to confirm the allegations of CW-related activities at this facility.

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