Haegumgang Uranium Deposit

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Last Updated: June 1, 2005
Other Name: 해금강우라늄매장지; Pakchon Nuclear Facility; Pakch'ŏn-kun Atomic Energy Research Institute
Location: Haegumgang-ri (해금강리), Kosong-kun (고성군), Kangwon Province (강원도), North Korea
Subordinate To: Ministry of Extractive Industries (채취공업성), Cabinet (내각)
Size: Reportedly approximately 4 million tons of uranium deposits
Facility Status: Unknown

In 1964, North Korea reported that it had discovered approximately 4 million tons of deposits in "Unggi-kun (웅기군)," North Hamgyŏng Province (함경북도); Hamhŭng (함흥시), South Hamgyŏng Province (함경남도); Haegŭmgang-ri (해금강리), Kosŏng-kun (고성군), Kangwŏn Province (강원도); Hamhŭng, Unggi, and Haegŭmgang. The current status of this mine is unknown. [Note: "Unggi-kun" is an old name for a section of what is now known as the "special administrative city of Nasŏn (나선직할시), which borders on Russia.]

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