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Last Updated: June 26, 2012
Other Name: 레이자 연구소
Location: Probably in Kwahak-dong (과학동) or Kwahak-2-dong (과학2동), Eunjeong-guyeok (은정구역), Pyeongyang (평양시), North Korea*
Subordinate To: Academy of Sciences (국가과학원), Cabinet (내각)
Size: About 660 square meters (uranium enrichment laboratory) [1]
Facility Status: Unknown

Information on the Laser Research Institute is scarce. According to author Lee Jae Sung, although interested in lasers, North Korea was only at the beginning stage of laser technology in the late 1990s. [2] In October 2002, North Korea admitted that it possessed a program to enrich uranium, and the Laser Research Institute was one of the suspected research sites for the program. [3] It is suspected that in addition to research related to the laser technology, it also does research in the area of laser isotope separation and enrichment of uranium.

*Note: In 1996, part of Pyeongsong City (평양시) was incorporated into Pyongyang. This section was named Eunjeong-guyeok, and this administrative district includes areas where the Academy of Sciences and other institutes are located. However, many sources still incorrectly identify the location of organizations and institutes as Pyeongsong.

[1] "북 우랴늄 농축 실험장소 평성 국가과학원 유력 [Academy of Sciences a Leading Suspect for Uranium Enrichment Activities],” Joongang Ilbo, 19 October 2002,
[2] Lee Jae Sung, 북한을 움직이는 테크노크라트 [Powerful Technocrats of North Korea] (Seoul: Ilbit, 1998), p. 99.
[3] "미국 북핵 개발 의심 시설 3곳 [U.S. Suspects 3 Locations for North Korean Nuclear Facility]," Yonhap News Agency, 19 October 2002,

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