Jaduguda Uranium Mine

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Last Updated: September 1, 2003
Other Name: N/A
Location: Jharkhand, East Singhbum District
Subordinate To: Department of Atomic Energy (DAE)
Size: Last known to be up to 200 megatons (Mt) of yellowcake yearly
Facility Status: Operational

The Jaduguda Mine, which is located in the Singhbum East District of Bihar, began operations in 1967. Although it has the capacity to produce up to 200 megatons (Mt) of yellowcake yearly, its actual production has averaged 115Mt per year. It is the largest and first of India's uranium mines. The mine extends 640 meters below the surface and is accessed through a 5-meter diameter vertical shaft. Uranium deposits at the upper levels of the mine are nearing exhaustion. UCIL plans to extend the existing mine to exploit deposits below 555 meters and are estimated to extend to 905 meters. The ore grade found in the mine is around 0.06 percent Uranium. Environmental groups have raised concerns about the environmental damage and low-dose radiation from the mine. Over 35,000 people live within a 5km radius of the Jaduguda complex. Labor groups have also raised issues about the unsafe work conditions at the mine. In November 1998, the United States imposed sanctions on the Jaduguda facility due to suspected nuclear weapons-related activities.

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