Below, you will find information on the nuclear, chemical, biological, and missile facilities of the countries profiled on the NTI website, including in most cases, the locations on an interactive Google map. To view facilities by country, visit the country profile. Since definitive information is often classified, the descriptions and mapped locations of these facilities are sometimes speculative, based on the most credible available open-source material. This material was prepared for the NTI site by the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies.

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Chemical-Dual-Use Infrastructure

Chemical-Education And Training

Chemical-Military Organizations

Chemical-Military Organizations



Chemical-Research And Development







Fuel Fabrication

Mining And Milling

Missile- Space Launch & Missile Test Facility

Missile-Research And Development


Nuclear-Component Production



Nuclear-Education And Training

Nuclear-Education And Training


Nuclear-Exploration And Mining

Nuclear-Exploration And Mining

Nuclear-Fuel Fabrication

Nuclear-Fuel Fabrication

Nuclear-Fuel Storage Or Fabrication

Nuclear-Heavy Water Production

Nuclear-Heavy Water Production

Nuclear-Medical Isotope Production



Nuclear-Mining And Milling


Nuclear-Plutonium Production Reactor

Nuclear-Plutonium Production Reactors

  • Khushab Complex

    Location: Khushab District, Punjab; Approximately 200km SW of Islamabad

Nuclear-Power Reactor

Nuclear-Power Reactors


  • Al-Kibar

    Location: Dayr Az Zawr region, 140 km from Iraqi border, 10 km north of At Tibnah

  • SRR-1

    Location: Der Al-Hadjar Nuclear Research Centre, near Damascus [2]




Nuclear-Research Reactor

Nuclear-Research Reactors

Nuclear-Research Reactors, Critical And Subcritical Assemblies

Nuclear-Research And Development

Nuclear-Research And Development


  • Eilabun (Nuclear)

    Location: West of Tiberias

  • Sdot Micha Airbase (Nuclear)

    Location: Approximately 25km southwest of Jerusalem

  • Tel Nof Airbase

    Location: Approximately 18km west of Ashdod, Israel

  • Tirosh

    Location: Southeast of Tel Nof Air Base

  • Spent Fuel Storage Sites

    Location: At the Baykal-1 reactor complex of the former Semipalatinsk testing ground

  • Building 500

    Location: Approximately 150 meters to 300 meters southeast of the Radiochemistry Laboratory, in Bungang-jigu (분강지구), Yongbyon-gun (영변군), North Pyeongan Province (평안북도), North Korea

  • Declared Waste Storage Facility

    Location: Located between the 50 MWe Nuclear Power Plant and the Radiochemistry Laboratory, in Pungang-chigu (분강지구), Yongbyon-gun (영변군), North Pyeongan Province (평안북도), North Korea

  • Geumchang-ri Underground Facility

    Location: Geumchang-ri (금창리), Taegwan-gun (대관군), North Pyeongan Province (평안북도), North Korea

  • Undeclared Waste Storage Facility

    Location: Located near the 50 MWe Nuclear reactor and the Radiochemistry Laboratory, northeast of the Declared Waste Site, in Bungang-jigu (분강지구), Yongbyon-gun (영변군), North Pyeongan Province (평안북도), North Korea


Nuclear-Test Site



Nuclear-Waste Management

Nuclear-Waste Management And Reprocessing



Research And Development


Waste Management





  • Cabo Raso

    Location: 130km south of Rawson, Argentina

  • El Centro de Experimentacion y Lanzamiento de Proyectiles Autopropulsados at El Chamical

    Location: in the town of El Chamical in the Province of La Rioja, Argentina

  • El Centro de Experimentacion y Lanzamiento de Proyectiles Autopropulsados, Mar Chiquita

    Location: the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Sriharikota High Altitude Range

    Location: Sriharikota Island, Andhra Pradesh, India

  • Palmachim

    Location: Yavne, Israel

  • Chiha-ri Missile Base

    Location: Chiha-ri (지하리), P'an'gyo-kun (판교군), Kangwŏn Province (강원도), North Korea

  • Chunggang-ŭp Missile Base

    Location: Hŭich'ŏn (희천시), Chagang Province (자강도), North Korea

  • Hwajin-ri Missile Base

    Location: Hwajin-ri (화진리), P'yŏngwŏn-kun (평원군), South P'yŏng'an Province (평안남도), North Korea [Note: some South Korean references use an alternative Chinese character (花進里) for this location; however, the pronunciation is the same].

  • Junghwa-gun Missile Base

    Location: Junghwa-gun (중화군), Pyongyang (평양시), North Korea

  • Kalgol-dong Scud Missile Base

    Location: Kalgol-dong (갈골동), Hŭich'ŏn (희천시), Chagang Province (자강도), North Korea

  • Kilchu-kun Missile Base

    Location: Kilchu-kun (길주군), North Hamgyŏng Province (함경북도), North Korea

  • Komdŏk-san Missile Base

    Location: Mt. Komdŏk (곰덕산), Hwadae-kun (화대군), North Hamgyŏng Province (함경북도), North Korea

  • Kumcheon Scud Missile Base

    Location: Kŭmch'ŏn-ri (금천리), Anbyŏn-kun (안변군), Kangwŏn Province (강원도), North Korea

  • Mayang Island Missile Base

    Location: Mayang Island (마양도), Mayang-dong (마양동), Shinp'o (신포시), South Hamgyŏng Province (함경남도), North Korea

  • Mt. Ganggamchan Missile Base

    Location: According to defector Im Yong Son, Mt. Ganggamchan (Mt. Kanggamchan) is located on the opposite side of the Kanepo Fisheries Cooperatives in Jeungsan-gun (증산군), South Pyeongan Province (평안남도) [Note: The location has not been confirmed.]

  • Okp'yŏng-dong Missile Base

    Location: Okp'yŏng-dong (옥평동), Munch'ŏn (문천시), Kangwŏn Province (강원도), North Korea

  • Oryu-dong Missile Base

    Location: Oryu-dong (오류동), Mangyongdae Station (만경대구역), Pyongyang (평양시), North Korea

  • Paeg'un-dong Missile Base

    Location: Paeg'un-dong (백운동), Kusŏng (구성시), North P'yŏng'an Province (평안북도), North Korea

  • P'yŏngsan-kun Cruise Missile Base

    Location: P'yŏngsan-kun (평산군), North Hwanghae Province (황해북도), North Korea

  • Sakkabbong Missile Base

    Location: Sakkabbong (삿갓봉), Koksan-kun (곡산군), North Hwanghae Province (황해북도), North Korea

  • Sangnam-ri Missile Base

    Location: Sangnam-ri (상남리), Hŏch'ŏn-kun (호천군), South Hamgyŏng Province (함경남도), North Korea Primary Function: Deployment and launch of missiles, possibly Nodong and/or Taepodong Subordinate to: Missile Division (미사일 사단), Ministry of the People's Armed Forces (인민무력성), National Defense Commission (국방위원회)

  • Sangwon-gun Missile Base

    Location: Sangwon-gun (상원군), Pyongyang (평양시), North Korea

  • Sariwŏn Scud Missile Base

    Location: Sariwŏn (사리원시), North Hwanghae Province (황해북도), North Korea, about 100km from the DMZ

  • Shin'gye-kun Scud Missile Base

    Location: Eastern part of Shin'gye-kun (신계군), North Hwanghae Province (황해북도), near the border with Kangwŏn Province (강원도), North Korea, about 50km from the Military Demarcation Line (MDL)

  • Shin'o-ri Missile Base

    Location: Shin'o-ri (신오리), Unjŏn-kun (운전군), North P'yŏng'an Province (평안북도), North Korea Primary Function: Deployment and launch of Nodong missiles

  • Sohae Satellite Launching Station

    Location: Dongchang-dong (동창동), Cheolsan-gun (철산군), Pyonganbuk-do (평안북도), North Korea

  • The Sinpo South Naval Shipyard

    Location: Sinpo City (신포시), South Hamgyong Province (함경남도), North Korea

  • T'ŏ'gol Missile Base

    Location: T'ŏ'gol (터골), Pyŏngsan-kun (평산군), North Hwanghae Province (황해북도), North Korea

  • Tonghae Satellite Launching Ground

    Location: Musudan-ri (무수단리), Hwadae-kun (화대군), North Hamgyong Province (함경북도), North Korea

  • Wŏnsan Missile Base

    Location: Wŏnsan (원산시), Kangwŏn Province (강원도), North Korea

  • Yŏngjŏ-ri Missile Base

    Location: Between Kungmangbong (국망봉) and Mujungbong (무중봉), Yŏngjŏ-ri (영저리), Kimhyŏngjik-kun (김형직군), Yanggang Province (양강도), North Korea, about 20km from the Chinese border [Note: "Yŏngjŏ-ri" is often misidentified as "Yŏngjŏ-dong (영저동)" but the actual administrative unit is a "ri (리)."]

  • Yongnim-ŭp Missile Base

    Location: Yongnim-ŭp (용림읍), Yongnim-kun (용림군), Chagang Province (자강도), North Korea

  • Jinnah Naval Base (JNB)

    Location: Ormara, Baluchistan (240km W Karachi by sea or 350km W Karachi by road)

  • PAF Base Mushaf

    Location: Sargodha, Punjab (172km NW Lahore)



Missile-Education And Training

Missile-Education And Training

Missile-Missile Bases

Missile-Missile Defense



Missile-Production Facilities And Missile Bases


Missile-Research And Development





Biological-Dual-Use Infrastructure

Biological-Education And Training



  • Science and Technology Group

    Location: Unknown, it is reportedly located at the Mahsa Building in Teheran.

  • Special Industries Organization (SIO)

    Location: One source reports the headquarters are located on Zartosht Street in Teheran. Reports published in Russia, apparently based on information developed by the Russian Federal Security Service, claim the organization is located at the Gostaresh Research Center northeast of Tehran.

Biological-Research And Development



  • Muncheon Agar Factory

    Location: Muncheon-nodongjagu (문천노동자구), Muncheon (문천시), Kangwon Province (강원도), North Korea