APLN Statement to Protect the Iran Nuclear Deal

A new statement from the Asia Pacific Leadership Network (APLN) calls on world leaders to protect the Iran nuclear deal, warning that unilateral actions by the United States could jeopardize the agreement, causing potential damaging repercussions in the Asia Pacific. Signed by more than 50 political, diplomatic, military and civil society leaders, the statement urges leaders to resolve crises diplomatically, not militarily and argues that internationally negotiated agreements should be respected by all parties.

The statement was signed by John Carlson, counselor to the Nuclear Threat Initiative; Gareth Evans, former Foreign Minister of Australia; and Ramesh Thakur, Co-Convenor of the Asia-Pacific Leadership Network, among others.

Read the full statement and view the full list of signatories here, and read a recent statement urging world leaders to sustain the Iran deal by the European Leadership Network (ELN) here.

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September 26, 2017

Leaders from the Asia Pacific region call on world leaders to protect the Iran Nuclear Deal